Our “top-secret” 6+1 process…

…that saves your time (and nerves) and helps us understand and deliver what you actually need.

  • Two-week sprints
  • Weekly deliveries
  • Daily updates

Hint: It’s Scrum, enriched with our experience.

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Meeting no.1

Ideas first, specifications later. After hearing out your idea and defining the first steps, we break down your spec into trackable goals.

Software Architecture

Construction begins from drawings, not bricks.

Prototyping – Do a test, then invest.

Prototypes make sure we have fully understood each other, but also our users.

The Actual App Development

Sprints. Regular communication. Testing. The holy trinity of development.


Objective C





UX/UI Design

If users love it, and you approve it, it’s time to make it 100% usable and pleasant to use. Why is this important? Companies lose $62 billion every year due to poor UX/UI design.

Maintenance and Support

You’re not alone when the project officially ends. We’re there to maintain your app and watch how the app evolves.

App Publishing

We publish your apps to relevant stores and track their results.

Case studies

Check some of our case studies and see how we solved problems that you also might face in your project.

Is this the moment of decision?

Need a mobile app or an IoT solution?

Talk to us


Do we get regular project updates?

Of course. You participate in every phase of development in a way that keeps you fully informed, without wasting your time on our internal and technical stuff.

Is your process somehow different from standard agile processes?

Yes…And no. The main difference is that we apply 2 decades of experience to avoid common roadblocks, such as miscommunication or unclear requirements.

We’ll let you know of every step in advance, without patronizing.

Why 6+1?

6 standard steps and support as +1. And it sounded cool.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We schedule our first sprint in advance. If you’re not satisfied with how we handled your project or communication after the first sprint, you’ll get your money back.

What’s your timezone?

CET. If you’re in the USA, we sleep when you work and vice versa.