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Our copywriter told us to be honest with you

Digital Atrium is a group of hardworking engineers who love to make highly useful mobile apps.

After 15+ years in this job and ~40 (on average) on this planet, we’ve learned how to listen, act like professionals, and do our jobs fair and square.

Damir Milovic

CEO Digital Atrium



15+ years in this job


20+ employees


5-7years of collaboration on average

Weird sense of humor.

4 managing partners

Novi Sad
exit fest Novi Sad
Novi Sad Exit Danube Traditional food Dunav Tradicionalna hrana folklor
traditional Serbian dance folklore
traditional food Serbia Novi Sad
Novi Sad
Danube Novi Sad

We’re based in Novi Sad, a city of good food and warm hospitality

Growing up in a multicultural environment (surrounded by more than 5 nationalities and 5 languages) made us citizens of the world.

If you’re seeking a cultural fit, people from Novi Sad are the ones you’re looking for.

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