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Full Time
Novi Sad
Full Time
Novi Sad

Your career at Digital Atrium

If you enjoy working with people who have:

  • A weird sense of humor
  • Their own parking lot and perks like table tennis (they all say that)
  • So many professionally challenging projects that’ll fire up your brain cells…

Then Digital Atrium might just be the team for you!

People come here to stay… And advance their career path

Most of the team has been here for 5+ years. No job-hoppers.

Because everything we do is long-term and strategic. We do invest in our people.

They stay here because we provide them with:

  • highly challenging projects,
  • tons of educational material,
  • and respectable career advancement paths

We celebrate birthdays, weddings, housewarming parties together…

Not everything is work. And we’re people after office hours, after all.

Yes, they all claim to be “more than a team, a family” etc… We like to say that we’re hardworking people who build a tightly bonded community.

Our team-building events aren’t “events”

Those are days meant for relaxation and deeper bonding. Calling them events is just too official. We don’t dig it.

There are no obligations to visit our team-building days, and yet, everyone comes. Because we’ve built a subtle culture of mutual respect.